Tights Guide

We have made guide for our bestseller tights. All of our tights are high waisted - some more than others. In the video below we show you the differences between:

Anna Ultralight Tights
Trine Ultralight Tights
Lise Tights



Anna Tights and Trine Tights are designed in an ultra light material, giving a light feeling when worn. What differentiates Anna and Trine is the sticking detail. Trine has stitching details as well as an adjustable elastic in the waist, whereas Anna is seamless in the waist and has a simple look along the legs. 

Lise Tights is our ultimate running tight, with pockets on the outer sides of the legs while also being 100 % squat proof. They have stitching in the waist and have a thicker material than the Anna and Trine tights. Lise tights are ultra high waisted and a bit larger in size. Because of this we recommend going down a size if you are in doubt.

February 17, 2021 — Maria Lohse