Tights with Pockets

Don’t you know where to put your phone while running or working out? Then EYDA’s collection of tights with pockets is the right place for you to look. Complete the look with one of our stylish tops designed to provide maximum comfort.

Tights with pockets are practical and functional; there is always room for your phone or keys on your run, at yoga class or in the gym. Our workout tights with pockets on the side are squat proof and comfortable to wear which make them ideal for workouts as well as casual wear and everyday use. All there is left, is for you to choose which of our different styles is your favorite.  

Tights with pockets for your phone

Are you running or working out with your phone in your hand? Or do you sometimes put your phone the weirdest of places when you are wearing tights without pockets? We know your struggle! Therefore, we have designed a collection of different tights with pockets on the side for you to keep your essential safe at all times. The pockets are cut to fit close to your body ensuring safe storage, and so you don’t have to worry about your phone or other essentials falling out – not even on a long run. 

One pocket tights or tights with several pockets?

If you just need a place to conveniently store your phone, it might be enough for you with a single pocket in your tights – such as in our popular Lise Tights or Sophy Tights. If you need additional storage room, you should look for tights with more than one phone pocket. Our Emma Pocket Tights are equipped with two pockets on each leg for you to keep all your essentials while running, training or stretching. They are ideal for you, if you need more storage room in your tights.

Workout tights with pockets to fit different women

Bodies are different and therefore it is only natural that there is no ‘one pair of tights fits all’. In our collection of tights, you will find tights suitable for different women with different body types. Your body type and how you plan on using your tights are essential as to which tights will be most suitable to you and your needs. If you are looking for plus size tights or if your tights usually have a tendency to roll down, it is a good idea to look for tights with an elastic band in the waist. If your hips on the other hand is more or less the same size as your waist, or if you are just looking for a pair of causal tights for everyday use, the elastic band is not that necessary. Take a look in our collection and find your perfect match.