At Eyda, we are aware of our responsibilities when it comes to production, working conditions and the green transition. 

EYDA's footprint

Durable products are the way forward for a greener clothing industry. We will need to use our clothes for longer. That's why we never compromise on quality. EYDA products are developed and produced to be able to withstand frequent use and are made to last a long time. If you ask us, it's the greenest products that last longest.

Production and working conditions

One of our founders lived in China for a number of years. While living there, he found stable suppliers with good working conditions and the same attitude towards quality that we have. Our particularly close relationships with these suppliers mean that we remain close to the whole manufacturing process.

When we need to find new suppliers in the future, we will naturally place great emphasis on proper working conditions - including BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) approval. At the same time, we also visit all our suppliers as often as possible to be able to verify the agreements we have entered into with them ourselves. 

In general, we focus strongly on making sure that large stockpiles of surplus clothing, which need to be destroyed or gotten rid of in some other way, do not accumulate.  That means that all the items manufactured must be sold items.We can't do this only by focussing on fashion and trends, but instead by having good core products that stay in fashion for a long time. 

Big and small measures

We focus on the long, tough haul ahead when it comes to the green transition. We are investing in consultancy services to upgrade our organisational qualifications, so that will allow us to become a greener company all the way through our supply chain. In this way, we will have the best possible starting point from which to reduce our footprint. 

At the same time, we take pride in the smaller initiatives that we know do make a difference to the bigger picture; waste sorting, opting out of hangtags on our products, using zip-lock bags, bags for shipping with double locking and facilities that promote a green transition.Our zip-lock bags are made to be reused again and again, and are also biodegradable. Our shipping bags are made of 100 % recyclable plastic and feature double-locking, so clients can use them to return goods.