We celebrate our community, and we love the boost it gives to do things together. Therefore, starting in 2024, we're introducing EYDA Social Run for anyone dreaming of running in a community setting.

We'll provide you with a planned 5-kilometer route in collaboration with fantastic representatives from our community in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Oslo, and Amsterdam. We'll run simultaneously across city and country borders 🙌


Everyone can join the EYDA Social Run – whether your running shoes have covered many miles or are brand new. For us, togetherness is key, and we aim to unleash a large dose of endorphins together. Therefore, we run at a pace that accommodates everyone. After each run, we'll offer a snack and a chat.

Find a run near you in the overview below and come alone or bring a friend. Everyone is welcome, and we look forward to running with you 💞

Missing a run near you?
Don't worry! We'd love to hear your suggestions for a new run or if you'd like to organize one.
Send your ideas in an email to events@eyda.com, and we'll see what we can do.