This summer's must-haves: Get styling tips from designers

Mette Merrild Johannesen is a designer and the product manager at EYDA, and we find her in the bright design room, surrounded by fabric samples and design drafts. With a measuring tape around her neck and her fingers buried in the new collection, she is in deep concentration when we come and disturb her. She has promised to share her best summer styling tips with us. We sit down to talk about this summer's DO's and DON'Ts so we can dress as best as possible for the new season, and this is of course something we want to share with you:

What is this summer's biggest trend?

Colors. Colors are a trend that we are going to see a lot this summer – both at the gym and on the fashion scene. Especially styles in saturated colors with a bit of "power" and "punch" are must-haves for the new season's wardrobe. The summer of 2023 gives room to be brave; We can play with the colors, and there can be 2–3 different colors in an outfit.

How do we combine the colors?

There is no need to think too much about how we put the colors together. You can go completely bananas with colors and use color blocking in your styling, without thinking too much about which colors you juxtapose. But you can also easily choose a white, beige, or gray outfit with only one "popping" color. My best advice is therefore to mix and match the colors to suit your personality and your mood.

What are the summer must-haves?

In addition to more courage in the choice of colors and color combinations, we will also see more courage in the styling; We can show a little more skin – and this applies regardless of what body we have! I would definitely say crop tops, cutouts and tight shorts are must-haves this season. It is also very difficult to go without an oversize blazer.

How do you style your workout outfit from head to toe?

You can style your workout clothes with elements from your everyday wardrobe. For example, an oversized zip-hoodie can make your outfit more relaxed, while a blazer can transform your workout outfit into a "go to the city" outfit in a split second. I would for example love to style the Cindy Sports Bra in Sunflower under a blazer, or a pair of shorts in Teal with a gray oversized zip-hoodie.

What's the one thing from the new collection you can't live without?

A colored sports bra. This is an easy way to add color to the outfit, and then I can decide for myself how much of my outfit it should constitute. I could pair it with a white top for a little less color, or under an open blazer if one day I'm feeling a little more playful.

One must-have item for your summer wardrobe this year? 

A pair of colorful shoes, because then I'm guaranteed a colorful element. I will definitely get a pair of Havaianas with a lot of color that I can use both for a sporty outfit or a summer dress. I haven't decided on the color yet. 

The designer's ‘DO’
: There must be at least one colorful element in your outfit. There is room to be brave and playful.

The designer's ‘DON’T’:
No color at all. Gone are the days of all-beige outfits.