Soft Merino Wool Essentials

Try our new woolen items, Havanna Wool Half Zip and Havanna Wool LeggingsWool is the only proper underlayer when cold weather comes – no matter whether you're on a run, in the garden or on the slopes.Use our soft wool base layer under your training clothes and feel the fantastic properties of wool:
- Wool keeps you warm
- Wool is temperature regulating
- Wool has antibacterial properties
- Wool absorbs liquid without feeling wet
- Wool improves the skin's respiration and exchange of oxygen

3-layer system

They say there is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing. The key to proper dressing lies in the right choice of material for each layer. All layers must first and foremost be breathable, so that you can get rid of the extra heat your body produces.

Inner layer:
Wool, which keeps you warm, lets the skin breathe and transports sweat away.

Polyester and nylon are good breathable materials.

Outer layer:
Outerwear that is weather-resistant. Feel free to go for styles with a technical coating, so you are sure that wind and water cannot penetrate. If you want to be active in the dark, the reflective details are a must. Finally, remember to bundle up your feet, hands and ears.

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Shop the look