A Day of Holiday Cheer!

December has finally arrived! Therefore, it felt like the absolute right decision to go ice skating. Our last time ice skating is well over 15 years ago so we thought it was about time to get on the ice and freshen up our skills.
We arrived in Viborg (Denmark), where the ice skating rink is placed right by their beautiful lakes. The perfect location to experience the winter weather (yes, with snow!). 

Because of the activities, we chose to layer our clothing making sure that we keep warm in the cold weather. Layering our soft Eyda hoodies and and sweatshirt are perfect the cold months! Adding a pair of gloves, a beanie and a scarf we were dressed well. The first ten minutes had us feeling like Bambi. But after a while we got the hang of it and put some speed in those skates. The ice skating rink was completely empty and we took the opportunity to put together som winter styles. Eyda clothing is super easy to mix and match and we love to be able to wear the same item in various ways!

Find our hoodies and sweatshirts as well as all our tights here– to create the perfect wintery look


December 09, 2020 — Maria Lohse