09. January 2021

Training is for All Bodies, Sizes and Shapes

Training is for All Bodies, Sizes and Shapes

Working out is for all bodies, sizes and shapes. No matter the age and starting point, we all need to move. There is almost nothing better than feeling alive and full of energy, right? That's exactly what training can do.

We believe that great workout clothes contribute and inspire to lead a more active life. A life where you feel like using your body because you wear clothes that allow you to. No tight jeans that restrict your movement or bras that gnaw at your skin.

 In your training clothes, you are ready for sudden change. Going from playing on the floor with your children and on to the garden trampoline or even out for a run. Wearing tights and sneakers instead of restrictingpants and impractical shoes gives you a greater desire to move, like going for a long walk with a friend carrying a cup of coffee in hand.
We rejoice at the increasing amount of activewear in the streetscape, because we believe it provides more movement to all of us, in the end.

That is why we strive to make Eyda training clothes so comfortable that you almost don’t  feel like you’re wearing them. We embrace that no two bodies are alike and therefore design styles with different fits and functions. Making sure that both you and your friend can find your favorites with us.