12. January 2021

Weightliftning with Thomas Holdersen - Technical skill training on a whole new level

Weightlifting training skill work

Weightlifting with Thomas Holdersen - technical skill training on a whole new level

This time we have been on a short trip byThomas Holdersen in Aarhus Crossfit. Thomas is a university student of sport science while also being a weightlifting coach. 

In our session we were introduced to the two popular lifts in weightlifting, namely the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. 

Weightlifting is a very technical form of exercise where the central nervous system is being quite challenged. Luckily for us, Thomas is a great teacher and he is super patient.

We began with a light warm-up followed by us increasing the level of skill work we were doing as well as the weight on the bar.

Thomas teaches at Aarhus Crossfit on a daily basis but he also coaches weightlifting in a local club. He has a number of athletes, both children and adults, who attend various competitions around the world.

During our session with Thomas we gained a lot of respect for how important technique and timing is within weightlifting. Proving to us that it is not all about being the strongest but that technique is of the utmost importance.

We have shared some stories with you in our highlights on Instagram, where you can get an insight into what weightlifting is.

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