Autumns trends and fashion: Get the designers styling tips

At the heart of EYDA, the design room, designer and product manager Mette Merrild Johannesen is deeply buried in her work. Colour codes, fabric samples and drawings are spread out on the table, and the air is thick with creativity. She tears herself from her work, because she’s promised to give her best styling tips for the cold season. Keep reading here and dress well.

What inspires you in your work as a designer?

As is often the case with fashion, it depends upon the times. The recent past has been characterized by crises, war and worries, and this has naturally caused people to consider what they use more carefully. So, right now it's all about using your existing wardrobe in a new way and supplementing it with impactful new styles. I have thought a lot about this, and we have endeavoured to create clothes that make a strong expression and are long-lasting in both quality and design.

What’s autumn's biggest trend?

Impact. Impact. Impact. Whether it’s in the form of oversize items, tone-on-tone styling, popping colours or strong prints. Play with layers and create a sleek silhouette and stunning contrast by mixing and matching loose styles with tighter-fitting styles. For example, it could be an oversize hoodie with a pair of tights or a tight top with a pair of loose sweatpants. And be brave with the colours and look for powerful prints.

Are there any particular colours we should look for?

Contemporary anxieties have fuelled an increasing escapism. This is also reflected in EYDA's current colour palette. I've been on a real escape from reality in search of inspiration, yes actually I've been completely out in space. That’s why the latest news has had strong references to the universe in both print and colour. I have picked the glimmers of light in the gloomy universe in the hope that the blue and purple shades will positively effect on the wearer. And then I have supplemented with some spacey and metallic details, which are also really popular right now, because a little goes a long way for a big effect.

How should the training clothes be styled?

The layer-on-layer trend also applies when it comes to training, regardless of whether you have to be indoors or outdoors. You must be able to keep warm on your way to, from and during training. If you are going to be active outside, the choice of fabric is extremely important.

First of all, all layers must be breathable, so you can get rid of the heat your body produces. The inner layer must be able to divert the sweat from the body so that you don't get cold, and that’s where polyester or wool are absolutely brilliant. If it’s very cold, you can add a midlayer of either nylon or polyester.

Finally, it’s to your advantage to go for outerwear with a technical coating because it’ll protect you from wind and weather. If you want to be active in the dark, reflective details are a must. Finally, remember to wrap your feet, hands and ears well.

One thing from EYDA's latest collections that you can't live without?

The Galaxy print. Most definitely. Because that print just embraces the current trends, but at the same time it's so beautiful that I know I'll be wearing it again and again for a long time in the future. And then it can easily be styled up and down with old favourites in my wardrobe. With this one, I feel that I can express a great deal with a single style.

The designer's best advice:

Be you! Choose what suits you and your wardrobe, and what you think you will enjoy for a long time in the future. If you’re looking for an effective vitamin pill for your wardrobe, you should look for prints, colours and oversize items.